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Educate students with a hands-on tool built for higher collaboration & accurate planning

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Business plan software built for collaboration

Upmetrics helps you to organize your work, lessen your burden & improve collaboration.

Manage multiple business plans with ease. You can classify business plans into groups and have them sorted in an efficient manner.

No more exchanging doc over emails. Collaborate on one platform and use chat & comments to collaborate on the go.

Make your classes fun & intuitive

Teach through real models

Teach your students through real models and real business examples. Don’t just teach, make it a fun learning for your students with the help of Upmetrics.

Monitor your student's performance at your fingertips

Add students to the workspace to track their progress, the questions they pose, & guide them through every step of their business planning.

Make your work easier with our templates

We have 200+ sample business plans that get your half work done. You can use various categories of business plan templates to teach about specific industries’ verticals.

Improve critical thinking

Our Software comes with a step-by-step business planning guide. You can use this feature to make students think critically about their business concepts & strategies

Hampton University VWIEC successfully supported business owner in expanding their business using Upmetrics

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Make An investment-ready plan with simplified planning & financial forecasting

Let students visualize their business financially

Our Financial forecasting tool can easily accommodate newcomers and help them create a financial plan for their business.

Avoid manual complex calculations, enter a few figures & let the system do all the calculations & projections while your students focus on business planning

Create your own template to educate students

Upmetrics gives you flexibility to design your own business plan template for teaching students efficiently.

Streamline your educating process and use standardized template to make your teaching super efficient.

Make your educating process modern, fun & intuitive

Make students competition ready with Upmetrics.

Give your students a standard platform for implementing their business learning.

Mentor & teach students from one single platform that lessens your burden and streamlines your teaching process. Your students only need to focus on the crux of planning and need not worry about formatting or making their business plans look professional & presentable.

Guide your students to create a compelling business plan that helps them set apart from others to raise funds.

Give wings to your student's ideas for raising funds.

Prepare your students to make their business idea investment ready.

Guide students on how they can create a fundraising presentation and convince others to invest in their ideas.

With slides like milestones, financial projection, traction, etc Upmetrics provides the best tool for creating a pitch deck.

What educators say about us

"We use Upmetrics to train organizations how to write their business plans. The software is easy to use, and the tutorials are helpful in guiding through the process for using the system."

Natache Muschette
CEO, The Prep Institute

"Upmetrics is the most comprehensive, complete, flexible, and easy-to-use tool ever used. After showing Upmetrics off to my peers and signing them up, it's safe to say that you've saved our class hundreds of hours."

Mathias Wassen
CEO at QPeople

"I like the the ability to capture feedback or pose questions to other users. One other feature that I found beneficial was the sample language used to clarify data that should be captured in each sections. Upmetrics is an easy to use tool."

Stephanie Foster
Senior Consultant and Educator

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business planning software comes with a step-by-step guide to lessen your work burden. Students can read the tips curated by experts for each section of business planning & learn from them, making your work less hectic
Yes, You can classify your students’ business plans in groups or filter them the way you want. This helps you create a standardized process and manage all your student business plans on a single platform making your work smooth & hassle free.
Upmetrics provide 12 unique canvas to create better strategies for your business. Some of them are :
  1. Business Model Canvas
  2. Value Proposition Canvas
  3. Product Market Fit Canvas

You can add students to the workspace and guide them on every step of business planning through chats, notes & comments. Invite your students to the workspace and see where they are getting stuck and help them when they are struggling.

Yes, it can easily blend with any teaching style as it is fully customizable. Upmetrics is a simple self-teaching application. We do have a YouTube channel & support area and are ready to assist by webchat & email support.

Yes, you can check the completion progress of each of your students and monitor their progress on how much work is yet to be done.

Yes, you can create your own template and publish it on Upmetrics. You can then use them again and again to teach & guide your class about business planning.

Yes, after you are done guiding your students, you can transfer the workspace easily.

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