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Win clients & become a proficient business consultant

Customizable business plan templates, automated finance & pitch deck tool saves your time & boost productivity.  
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Live Up To Your Client's Expectations!

Live up to your client's expectations!

Consult your clients easily & in an efficient manner.

Help grow your client’s business by 10X & improve your consultancy value by streamlining your process & putting a proper business system in place using Upmetrics.

Help your clients create an investment-ready business plan & pitch deck catered to their unique requirements.

Standardize & streamline your consulting & advising process

Enhance your planning by visualizing accurate financials

Give your clients accurate financial forecasts with visual finance reports and graphs. We have automatic finance calculators that save you time, effort, and resources.

Help your clients get funded

Our pitch deck template helps your client create presentations that get them funded. With a solid pitch deck, your clients gain the confidence to voice their ideas without any hesitance.

Manage the diverse needs of clients from every industry

With 200+ business plan templates, be assured that Upmetrics has got your back. If you have got a client, we have got a business template for it. Use our template & don’t start from scratch.

Manage the diverse needs of clients from every industry

Designed for collaborative consultation

Add members to business planning and collaborate in one place. Use notes & comments to guide clients in their business planning at each step. Manage everything from one platform without any fuss and confusion.

Lammert Stavast was able to improve business productivity and increase profits using Upmetrics

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Business Plans





Business consulting software for higher productivity

Guide clients on each step of business planning

Our business plan software comes with a step-by-step guide which your clients can use to gain clarity while writing their plan.

Add clients as members, and collaborate with them on each step of business planning. Use chat, notes to capture feedback or pose questions to clients.

Collaboration on Upmetrics is seamless & has never been so easy anywhere else.

Making financial planning simple, easy & automated.

Say bye to complex financial calculations and spreadsheet formulas.

With Upmetrics, create financials by entering a few key figures and letting the system do all the calculations. Save your precious time and improve your efficiency.

You can also guide clients on inputting numbers & work through financial statements to help them understand what it all means for their business.

Making financial planning simple, easy & automated

Manage multiple clients effortlessly under one platform

Upmetrics is built so you can scale your consultancy with ease.

Classify your clients into groups & arrange them in an orderly way. Standardize your work process & make your daily functioning smooth & hassle-free with apt organizing.

Make your working routine more effective and innovative.

Provide investment friendly consultation to clients

Empower your clients to raise funds for their business.

You can guide your clients on how to create a convincing pitch deck for their business using our pitch deck template which comes with a set of instructions that anyone can follow easily.

Give confidence to your client’s business idea with a stunning pitch deck

our customers love us

Steven leask

“It allowed me to develop and expand my consultancy business. I like the ability to collaboratively work on plans with clients. It allows me to complete my work & for clients to retain access to the plan.”

Steven Leask

Business Consultant

Sina Molelekoa

“With upmetrics we are able to put together a plan as quickly as possible, working collaboratively with our clients and being able to track progress against goals. Upmetrics helps us focus on the strategic aspects of the engagement because the setup is already done.”

Sina Molelekoa
Supply Chain Manager

“I like not needing to start from scratch each time and yet have the options to fully customize the reports. Being able to generate an unlimited set of reports, that is professional and easy to edit will save you time, which means more time to attend to new clients and expanding your business"

Lammert Stavast
Business Valuator

Here's how our business plan sample looks like

Frequently asked questions

Upmetrics comes with 200+ business plan templates which helps a consultant gain a head start & don’t start from scratch. With automated financials , making financials are easy. Consultants don’t need to get tangled in complex financial calculations. This increases the consultants productivity 10X and help them scale their business to new heights.

You can invitee members to your workspace by sending them an invitee link to their email. You can also assign permission whether you want them to write the business plan or just add them as a viewer.

Upmetrics provide 12 unique Canvas so that you can strategize better for your business. Some of them are:

  1. Business Model Canvas
  2. Value Proposition Canvas
  3. Product Market Fit Canvas

You can invite up to 5 members with your current subscription. Additional members, you can purchase at $3 per month if you have opted for yearly billing, and $5 per month if you have opted for monthly billing. 

Yes, Upmetrics provide the flexibility of workspace ownership transfer if the need arises. You can easily transfer the workspace to your participant for future use.

Our Financial planning eliminates all the complex calculations for you & your clients. You can easily just input few figures and based on that the system would come with beautiful financial charts and visuals.

From profit & loss sheet to Working capital, all can be easily calculated via our financial planning tool. This will help you and your clients save time and focus on things that actually matters.

Yes, you can classify business plans into groups and filter them using your workspace dashboard. This help you maintain and keep track of every business plan and improve your consultancy efficiency.

Yes, we have a user guide. You can access it here: https://help.upmetrics.co/

Take your business consultancy to the next level

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