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Create A value-driven program to accelerate start-ups growth

200+ Fully customized business plan templates help create a value-packed program for your participants
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Validating & working on multiple business plans can be challenging.

With Upmetrics, manage all your business plans under one roof. Track progress of each plan completion, and organize them in systemic way to improve your program value offerings.

Accelerate your participants’ growth & help turn their business ideas into reality.

Achieve your program's full potential & help participants gain the most from it.

Upmetrics blend with your program perfectly

Create your own customized business plan templates for your participants & use it throughout your program. Reduce your manual input and improve your accelerating & incubating process.

pitch decks

Craft impactful business pitch decks

Create near-perfect business pitches using our ready-to-use business plan templates. Making a lasting impression has never been so easy. Your cohorts can confidently persuade investors and secure their next round of funding.

Let us handle most of your mentoring work

Our 200+ business plan templates come with unique customized suggestions for business planning. This help participants gain additional guidance along with the help they get from your program.

Encourage critical thinking

Upmetrics empowers founders to focus on business strategy, financial forecasting, and activities that will drive their business forward, rather than getting hung up on Excel and Word documents, so your programs deliver the maximum value possible.

Upmetrics is loved by both - business incubators and startup accelerators




Business Plans





Refine, validate & improve your participant's business plan effortlessly

One platform for ultimate collobaration

Use our platform to share business plans with your participants and guide them on every step of their journey.

Track progress, classify participants into groups, and manage your acceleration and incubation effortlessly.

Multiply your program value with Upmetrics

Our business plan solution provides step-by-step guidance on what, how and where participants can write in their business plan. It becomes a force multiplier when combine with your program where each individual gets benefited from both entities.

Help your participants create accurate financials without confusion

Do your participants find creating their financials for business confusing?

Business planning solutions by Upmetrics help your program participants create detailed financial plans without any technical complexities.

Just enter few figures & the system calculates everything else for you. Stop navigating puzzled spreadsheets, and help your participants create accurate projection

200+ Business plan templates for managing variety of participants

Your participants can come from various industries background.

Our 200+ business plan templates assure that you find relevant solutions which match the unique need of your participant.

Increase your program effectiveness with us!

What Incubators & Accelerators have to say about us

I like the ease of customizing template. I also liked thé interactive features such as chat, notes, that support the ability to capture feedback or pose questions to other users. I found it to be an easy tool to use.

Stephanie Foster
Senior Consultant, The Prep Institute

“We needed a tool to allow our participants to build their business plans and Canvases. After integrating Upmetrics into our program, we now have a seamless process for our participants. I highly suggest incubators and accelerators incorporate Upmetrics in their program!”

Dr. Glenda Evans

Director of Operations VWIEC

For incubators, It provides a feature for designing your own customized business plan template for your clients. It's safe to say you've saved our class hundred of hours. We can strongly recommend it for incubators. Upmetrics is the most flexible &easy-to-use tool ever used.

Mathias Wassen
CEO at QPeople

Frequently asked questions

You can share your business plan templates with your participants by inviting them as a member in your workspace. You can even assign them permission whether they can write or just read.
If you have opted for premium plan of Upmetrics, you can invite unlimited members to unlimited workspace. There is no limitations.

Upmetrics is a simple self-teaching application. We do have a YouTube channel & Support area and are ready to assist by webchat & email support.

You can search for the specific business template by searching here: sample-business-plans
Yes, you can check the completion & track the progress of the individual participant. You can also guide them on each step of the business plan writing.
Upmetrics provide 12 unique canvas to create better strategies for your business. Some of them are :
  1. Business Model Canvas
  2. Value Proposition Canvas
  3. Product Market Fit Canvas
Our financial forecasting tool helps eradicate confusion and simplifies the process of creating Financial for business. You have to just enter a few number & the system would calculate the rest for you automatically.
Upmetrics act as a force multiplier for your program. Your participants get guided step-by-step in writing their business plan. You can also easily classify and manage your numbers of participants. This help treamline your program process and make it super efficient.

Yes, Upmetrics allows you to create your own customized template that you can use repeatedly throughout your program. This helps make your process efficient.

Yes, Upmetrics provides the flexibility of workspace ownership transfer if the need arises. You can easily transfer the workspace to your participant for future use.

Let your acceleration process hit right chord with Upmetrics

Train with a powerful tool. Let Upmetrics make your work easy and help lessen your burden.

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