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Lammert Stavast was able to improve business productivity and increase profits using Upmetrics

Executive summary

Empowering consultants to improve productivity

Lammert Stavast CA (SA)

Chartered Accountant, Tax advisor, Business Valuator

According to a report by Statista, the size of the consulting service industry in Africa reached a staggering $3 Billion USD in 2020. The industry achieved a 30% year-on-year growth since 2015. But, such growth comes with its own set of challenges.

One of the major challenges for consultants is to deliver consistent results irrespective of the project complexity. Their scope of work included collaborating with clients from multiple industries such as Finance, IT, Education, Logistics, and Infrastructure to name a few. Since each client belonged to a separate niche, both the parties would have to together build a business plan from scratch each time they collaborated.

A similar challenge was encountered by Lammert Stavast, who owns Check Your Business Value – a consultancy business based out of Pretoria, South Africa.

Lammert Stavast, under his consultancy, helped small and medium-sized businesses with valuations and business plans. Most importantly, they tailor their advice, especially to the South African market. Since they function independently and cater to multiple industries, they struggled with creating a standardized report from scratch for each new client they serviced.

To help overcome this issue, he chose Upmetrics as their growth partner. Upmetrics is a simple and flexible business tool that helps businesses grow fast through planning, strategizing, forecasting, and collaboration.


Providing small and medium-sized businesses access to unique insights

His company employs professional business valuation consultants, who have been helping businesses for the past 13 years. Their specialty – Tendering unique insights and valuation advice based on the South African market data. Their expertise lay in:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • BBBEE Deals (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment)

Lammert’s 13 years of industry experience makes him uniquely positioned to access an extensive knowledge base. Not only does this help business owners in securing funding easily, but also helps them make sense of business processes and risks better. Check Your Business Value is comprised of dedicated chartered accountants and professional lawyers. This helps them assist their clients in planning, strategizing, and tendering accurate advice.

The struggle to be Accurate, Professional, and Efficient. All at the same time

But, the consulting team with Lammert, faced a challenge – collaborating with individual clients over their business plan.

Since the business involved catering to a wide range of clients, each uniquely positioned, the solutions provided by the team could not rely on a cookie-cutter approach.

The team, therefore, had to create personalized business reports.

This would often lead to wastage of precious man hours, leading to a drain in business productivity.

Also, the team with him has been operating in the industry for the past 13 years. This meant that the reports they furnished had to be professional looking.

But, adhering to such standards would mean that a lot of effort would go into editing and formatting the reports.


A unique challenge awaits

The client requirements required the consultants to look for a solution that helped with:

  1. Creating detailed business plans
  2. Helping generate business valuations
  3. Tax planning and strategy
  4. Accounting and legal work
  5. Legal compliance

This meant that the team at Know Your Business Value had a major hurdle to overcome.

Finding a reliable and easy-to-use one-stop solution.

A solution that would enable them to cater professional services to their clients with a quick turnaround time. The solution had to be effective, easily customizable to each customer’s requirement, and also create a professional impression at the same time.


Helping check your business value carry forward their customer-centric approach

Thus, began the search to find a comprehensive solution. Lammert started looking for the right fit for their needs. He looked for the best alternatives on Google and YouTube and his search ended at Upmetrics.

The explainer videos persuaded him to try out the tool.
With Upmetrics, the team was able to:

  1. Create professional-looking standardized reports in a jiffy
  2. Customize business plans to assist with specific client requirements
  3. Generate financial projections and valuations to help understand and determine realistic market valuations
  4. Create valuation reports that serve their client’s best interest
  5. Create pitch decks for negotiating funding from potential investors
  6. Determine the feasibility of a business plan and simplify heavy lifting tasks such as planning and documentation

The tool was incredibly simple to use and easily customizable for each client’s requirement. It helped save countless hours of editing and formatting reports. The best part – Upmetrics provided 200+ sample business plans. These ready-to-use plans not only saved time but also saved a lot of team energy and effort.


Achieving business goals becomes effortless

The guided business plan creator helped improve business productivity dramatically for Check Your Business Value. This meant – better efficiency, more clients, and increased profits.

The consultants were not only able to service their clients better but were also able to achieve a better work-life balance. This meant both – happy clients and an even happier workplace.

The consultants were also servicing a host of clients. Each belongs to a unique industry. The solution provided by Upmetrics helped the team navigate such a situation with ease and achieve stellar performance. This helped the team live up to its 13 years of expertise.

Team collaborations and brainstorming sessions with clients, which were earlier a hassle, became a joy to work with. This helped them assist their clients better and also train entrepreneurs to use their custom planning frameworks.

In a nutshell, by choosing the cloud-based support of Upmetrics, achieving business goals for Lammert Stavast became effortless.

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Your are one decision away from changing your growth trajectory

Consultants provide immense value to their clients. They help build strategies to facilitate growth and achieve business objectives .

Upmetrics helped Lammert’s team in achieving a streamlined process. This resulted in improved profits and better customer fulfillment.

All this was made possible because of taking one decision. Choosing Upmetrics as their growth partner.

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