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Paresh Balar

Founder and CTO at Upmetrics

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Who is Paresh Balar?

Paresh is a technology enthusiast and seasoned entrepreneur who has been actively working on developing advanced business planning solutions for over a decade.

With his deep knowledge of business planning, he has been helping startups and small business owners easily create investment-ready business plans through their #1 business planning software.

As a passion-driven professional, Paresh channeled his programming skills, business planning expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit into creating Upmetrics, a cutting-edge business plan software helping new-age entrepreneurs across industries worldwide.

Paresh is the co-founder of Upmetrics, an advanced business planning solution that simplifies modern-day business planning. He works on regular software updates and technological developments at Upmetrics to ensure users get the most advanced solution.

Paresh and team Upmetrics have helped many aspiring business owners build business plans through this advanced tool without any prior financial or business planning experience.

His contribution and commitment to the entrepreneur community have made him a respected figure among many small business owners and aspiring founders.

A step toward success by Paresh and his team

  • Paresh backs his team at Upmetrics to work on innovative solutions that streamline business planning and support entrepreneurs’ business goals.
    In fact, they work collectively to develop features like AI Assistance, which helps reduce the burden of manual writing.
  • Besides business planning software, Upmetrics provides a library of resources to help new entrepreneurs create, manage, and execute their plans.
  • Paresh also helps nonprofits and contributes to the student community by offering Upmetrics at 30% off to all eligible students and registered nonprofits.

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But how it all started? Let’s discover Paresh’s journey before Upmetrics.

Entering the world of technology

Paresh graduated in computer engineering from SCET, Surat, Gujarat. Later, he joined Zycus as a Senior Software Engineer and was promoted to Technical Lead. He worked at Zycus, handling the PHP Technical team and designing the technical architecture of their eProcurement product for over four years before co-founding Infizer Technology.

In 2014, Paresh co-founded Infizer Technology, providing website & mobile application development and cloud solutions to clients in India and Worldwide.

Building the Foundation of Upmetrics

After discovering there isn’t a modern, reliable, affordable business planning solution, Paresh and his co-founder Vinay Kevadiya Co-founded Upmetrics in 2019 to help startups and small business owners build winning business plans. Their ultimate goal was to revolutionize how entrepreneurs create, manage, and execute their business plans. This day, Upmetrics is trusted by 110K entrepreneurs across 160 countries to help them transform their business ideas into actionable business plans.

About Sponsored Content

Paresh is open to accepting sponsored content for the Upmetrics blog section, but only if relevant and curated for high-level engagement. In short, we need a sponsored post written by a topic expert with a thorough understanding and knowledge of business planning.

The content will be internally linked to relevant blog posts to get it to the right audience. So, If you are interested in writing for Upmetrics, here are the criteria you must consider following:

  • Do in-depth research about your topic.
  • Write in a direct, yet conversational tone without any grammatical errors.
  • Write using short words, sentences, and paragraphs.
  • Make sure to add 4-5 relevant FAQs.
  • Feel free to include relevant images, videos, and infographics.
  • Make sure your post is well-structured and formatted for better readability.

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Paresh enjoys sharing his thoughts on business planning, competitor research, financial forecasting, and other relevant topics through the Upmetrics blog and guides.

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