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Kruti Shah

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Kruti is a passionate and skilled writer with 4+ years of experience writing on topics related to startups, business growth, and planning. Kruti currently works at Upmetrics as a content writer, sharing valuable insights and advice on business planning through her writing skills.

Kruti completed her bachelor’s in business management in 2018. After briefly working as a tutor, she started her career as a content writer.

Before joining Upmetrics, Kruti worked as a freelance writer and wrote on various topics, including business, startups, lifestyle, finance, insurance, and business planning.

She has a strong understanding of various aspects of business, such as finance, market analysis, operations, and strategy. And, this knowledge helps her create comprehensive business planning articles and guides.

Besides writing, Kruti has a true passion for travel and loves exploring new destinations. Connect with Kruti on social media or follow the Upmetrics blog to explore her latest articles on business planning.